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A new country, a new house, a new phase in life! Working mom to 8-year-old Emily, Dawn will soon be off to Canada to study early childhood education.
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You must save this blog. It makes me very sad to think of it disappearing into the internet forever.

What would Vlad do?


I have been a fan for years and am so sorry to hear the blog is closing. Thank goodness we'll still have baleful. Thanks for reassuring all of us Moms that we aren't crazy for feeling neurotic or wanting to sleep in. I have laughed and cried and thanked God I wasn't alone because you were going through it too. Thank you Dawn for everything.

Aunt Needy

So sorry to hear this news. Of course you'll get other paying gigs (spoken like a true blue relative, right?) But, as always, GYSM. And Happy Turkey Day! Sneak across that border and find an All American restaurant if you need that turkey fix. Love You.


Thanks for saying it like it is, Dawn.


i'll miss you and clubmom, but i'm already signed on cafemom, and i'll be following you on your other blogs.

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