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A new country, a new house, a new phase in life! Working mom to 8-year-old Emily, Dawn will soon be off to Canada to study early childhood education.
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I remember the moment that mortality hit me, at least the one that involved my child. We climbed Deer's Leap. At the top, I went into full panic mode. What was I DOING?? He was three and a half!! We were alone, what if he fell?? And so on and so on.


I totally feel you on this one. I barely go on carnival rides at all anymore, because I can't without wondering if they were properly assembled. Also, there are lots of movies that creep the shit out of me now but never bothered me when I was a little kid. What's up with that, Neverending Story? What's the big deal, Rats of NIMH?


i never could understand my change of thinking, but you hit the nail right on the head--our mortality, and i needed to be here to raise my children, and now to see my grandchildren get grown. i never did like those "scary" rides though. i even think some of the children's rides are too much.

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