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A new country, a new house, a new phase in life! Working mom to 8-year-old Emily, Dawn will soon be off to Canada to study early childhood education.
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I was always thrilled when my parents suggested that they might actually voluntarily buy me new clothing.

Clearly, you need to deprive Emily more. You could always offer to let her make her underwear herself, out of sackcloth.


made me think of myself growing up. my mom always made sure we had on clean, non-raggedy underwear in case we were in an accident. i wonder how many nurses & drs go "wow, did you see the underwear" when they're trying to save a life? just a thought.


maybe she and my son can see the same therapist--i have the audacity to make him wear underwear, period. or just one pair instead of two (this morning). you must wear underwear, one pair at a time, and they must be the right size, in reasonable condition, and on properly (i.e., not backwards)--WHY is this concept so difficult to grasp for these children???

Maybe your wee one is afraid of growing up?

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